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Chuck Negron
THE PERFECT TIME AND PLACE In 1967, three independent young men in their twenties, each with equivalent passions and aspirations, were searching for an avenue that would aid in keeping their dreams alive. Each found himself on his own as he navigated this precarious journey in which few were ever rewarded...The Music Business. Artist #1 One ventured from Buffalo, New York, to Los Angeles, California, with two bandmates, a guitar player, a drummer, and their families in hopes of continuing their dream of becoming a successful band. Once in Los Angeles, the first thing on the agenda was to find a bass player to complete the band, which would not be difficult in Hollywood. The four musicians called themselves The Enemys. Work was scarce for an unknown entity in Hollywood, especially on the Sunset Strip, so they found work over the hill in the San Fernando Valley at a club called The Rag Doll. They built a great following, filling the club nightly. With that triumph, they were offered a career-changing, and lucrative opportunity, to perform at The Whisky A Go Go which was the music mecca in Los Angeles.   The Enemys      The Whisky was the club in which the best acts in the music business performed. In February, 1964, Johnny Rivers recorded his first LP, Johnny Rivers at the Whisky A Go Go, which went on to become a gold record.  Not only did it launch his career, but it helped to make The Whisky the hottest club on the strip and the venue in which all bands wanted to play. The Rise and Fall of The Enemys The Enemys thrived at The Whisky. The lead singer's voice was embraced by the celebrity clientele which led to TV appearances on The Beverly Hillbillies as well as Burke's Law with Annette Funicello (video clip.) The movie, Riot On Sunset Strip, also featured The Enemys. The band performed at star-studded parties for celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor. The Enemys released several singles on Valiant Records before landing a record deal with MGM at which point they released several more singles. Despite the phenomenon that occurred to these three boys from Buffalo, they would soon learn that the business they were in could be heartbreaking and fickle. Even with all they had achieved, including the crowds of devoted fans that followed them to every noteworthy establishment from the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood and The Whisky A Go Go, there were no engagements, nor any prospects for future work. The lead singer and The Enemys had run their course.   It was time for the voice of the band to move forward as a solo artist. He had moved his wife and young child from Buffalo and the pressure was on him to earn a living.            The prospects were limited, yet he and his manager had an idea to approach another artist they had met on "The Sonny and Cher Tour"--a gig The Enemys landed after Cher heard the band at The Rag Doll and at The Whisky A Go Go. The concept would be a little out of their wheelhouse, but still a solid idea. They would team up as a duo, similar to The Righteous Brothers or Hall and Oates, but with their own musically unique sensibilities. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't right and the offer was rejected. Artist #2 The second artist was on his own path expressing the desire to produce, write, and make records--a circumspect presentation to the record companies when you are not comfortable performing live and believe your strongest asset is in the recording studio. The majority of artists are signed to recording contracts after creating excitement from their live performances, just as The Enemys did, so without that capacity, presenting yourself as a producer, writer, and artist was brilliant. It was only a few years earlier when this aspiring artist and producer worked in the shipping department of Walt Disney Productions--loading and unloading records while still living with his mother. Persistence, hard work, a good idea, and talent soon transformed this creative arist's life.  This young man wrote two songs for a friend and, unpredictably, his music created interest for him at Hanna-Barbera Studios. On the strength of his songs, he was offered a job. Initially, he was singing fill-ins and chorus used for the Flintstones and Yogi Bear cartoon shows; however, it wouldn't be long before his life would change drastically. This shift would manifest itself in the form of a song--a melody and chords that would pull you in and lyrics we all can relate to. The song, which the newly-formed record division of Hanna-Barbera wanted to release, featured multi-layers of his voice performing lead and harmonies that would hit the Billboard Hot 100. In Los Angeles, it landed in the Top 20, but sadly, distribution inadequacies in the newly formed label stalled the record at #73 on The Billboard charts.  Hit records are magical priceless things that rarely happen in an artist's life, so losing one that was learning to fly...through no fault of your own...was tragic.  I can tell you as a participant of the mid 60's blossoming LA music scene everyone believed this artist and his record were destined to succeed. After all was said and done, one thing was certain--this special musician could write and sing a hit record! Artist #3 The third young man, a singer/athlete, was having the time of his life attending college, playing collegiate basketball, and recording for Columbia Records--the biggest label in the world. In 1961, this singer/athlete decided to leave the Bronx and accept an athletic scholarship to Allan Hancock College (AHC) in Santa Maria, California. At this point in his life, basketball was his first love and was bearing more fruit than music.  At 15, he made his first recording which led to singing lead vocals for the popular Bronx vocal group The Rondells. This five-man vocal group recorded original songs and performed doo-wop hits of the day. While in their early teens, the boys performed at college dances and night clubs in Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. At only 16 years of age, he and The Rondells were on the stage at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. The ever changing priorities of teenage boys eroded their commitment to The Rondells, gradually leading to its demise.      Bobby & Chuck (1958 First Record)                      The Rondells  Sports at Allan Hancock His focus switched to getting in shape and ready for his first season of college basketball. The freshman players included 3 high school All-Americans--Emerson Baynard and Granny Lash from Chester, Pennsylvania, and Danny Farrel from Logansport, Indiana.  Hancock was like a farm team for the Division One universities. Many athletes there did not receive high enough scores on their SAT's to be eligible for the scholarship offers made to them so they attended Hancock. Some players had simply fallen through the cracks, not receiving the scholarship offers they expected, so they attended AHC.  In 1961, the opportunities for black athletes to play basketball for a NCAA Division One program were unfairly limited, so some of these great athletes also came to Allan Hancock College, including the aforementioned All Americans. Back in 1961, you could not play varsity sports as a freshman. Consequently, schools like Hancock provided an immensely superior level of talent than most freshman programs at universities which prepared the AHC athletes to make the transition to Division One schools more effective than participants in university freshman programs. Hancock was also a breeding ground for future Hall of Fame coaches:  John Madden, the football coach at Hancock College, would win Super Bowl XI in 1977 with The Oakland Raiders.  Ernie Zampese was Madden's Offensive Coordinator at Hancock.  Zampese went on to be the Offensive Coordinator for The Dallas Cowboys when they won Super Bowl XXX in 1996. John Madden was a good man who personally tutored his athletes making certain they did well in the class room! Sports or Music? With two years of basketball eligibility left after leaving Hancock, he was offered a scholarship from Bill Sharman, head coach for Cal State LA. He was torn, but aware that if he squandered this opportunity to record with Columbia Records he may never get another. On the other hand, if he chose to pursue music, his basketball life would be over. To that point in his young life, basketball had been his passion, so walking away would be difficult. Although he loved competition and the camaraderie of being part of a team, he knew it was time to embrace his other dream to record and perform on the big stage! Going back to his first year in college, the music kept pulling him back in. He joined the school choir and vocal ensemble. His love of singing was inescapable and led him to perform at dances and concerts with a local band from Solvang, The Sorensen Brothers, which included two members of the school choir. For a person willing to sing for free, being well paid was gratefully accepted as was the chance to open for most of the acts touring through Santa Maria such as The Four Seasons, The Rivingtons, Frankie Avalon, Marvin Gaye and The Motown Review, The Byrds, and Conway Twitty to mention a few. Three years of consistently performing live with major acts became the foundation for his evolution into a live performer. At one point, three different bands were hiring him to sing at their shows--The Sorensen Brothers, The Biscaynes, and The Centinals. His first year in college, he did a record with The Sorensen Brothers. In the second year, they released a new recording written by Dean Sorensen. The single did so well in Central California and Santa Maria that it led to a record deal with Columbia Records in Los Angeles.  Balancing your time is challenging as a student athlete.  Add in performing live shows on the weekends, when there were no basketball games, and dating the Homecoming Queen--his life was fuller than it had ever been!  His head said it was time to leave school and pursue his musical aspirations with Columbia Records, but his heart wanted to complete the basketball season with his team and friends.  The AHC Bulldogs went all the way to the championship game against Jerry Tarkanian's Riverside Tigers on March 14, 1964, but lost a closely contested game. He was grateful that his closest teammates hung out after the final game of the season. He assumed this would be the last time all of them would be together for the next week he would be leaving school to start rehearsals at Columbia Records. Three Artists' Journeys Continue Artist #1 The first vocalist put a blues band together and departed for an engagement in Phoenix. His soulful voice and tight group received tremendous praise from all who attended the shows. The two-week commitment blossomed, much like in LA, into the blues band performing at every relevant venue in Phoenix. The band had a successful run in San Jose followed by more work in San Francisco. Understandably, the band was exuberant after their success, but it was short lived because there were no bookings back in LA. He got a phone call from the producer/artist he approached months earlier about a collaboration.  Not only was it timely, but hopefully it would turn into something productive for the singer. Artist #2 The producer/artist had been signed to MGM Records and was preparing for his first recording sessions as producer and artist. His first single release entered the Billboard Bubbling Under the Hot 100 Charts at #120. The record was a singular production as was the arrangement and performance. In the same year, Hanna-Barbera released another song by the artist which made the Billboard Bubbling Under Charts at #102. Not a good situation competing with yourself and possibly causing friction with the new label--an unfortunate dilemma for the artist who had nothing to do with this regrettable situation.  A great deal was at stake for the second single, possibly even his future with MGM. The second single was released with less fanfare than the first, but both MGM and the artist felt good about its chances. The production was innovative and contemporary. Once again, he chose to record a song he didn't write--a great song written by Tim Hardin. It was disheartening to all when the record didn't chart at all!  Once you have even a moderate hit, as he did with his first Hanna-Barbara release, the adulation and new social consciousness directed at you is intoxicating and makes available many creative possibilities. Seeing that slip away is alarming. Only the strong move on to create a new positive  fortune. It was time to explore new avenues of artistic expression and work. He made the decision to contact an artist he produced a few records for who had already expressed a desire to work with him again. Performing live was not a viable option for this artist, for it was not part of his musical life to this point. Although he did perform live as part of "The Sonny and Cher Tour," the allure for him in music was writing and producing.  Artist #3 With his collegiate basketball career behind him, his focus shifted to finding a hit song with his producer at Columbia. Moving to LA, he found the process of selecting music to record extremely frustrating for it brought to light the totally uninspired, and archaic, direction to which his producer had committed. The artist made an appointment with Jack Nitzsche and Jackie DeShannon in hopes of hearing songs more suited for him, socially relevant, and musically current.  Jack Nitzsche had written and/or arranged for The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes, The Neville Brothers, The Monkees, The Turtles, and many others! Jackie DeShannon hit the UK Top 40 when she wrote "Needles And Pins." It was covered by The Searchers and was a big hit in the US. She penned "Put A Little Love in your Heart" which received a Gold Record. Her performance on "What The World Needs Now Is Love" gave Jackie a #7 hit on the Billboard Hot 100  as a solo artist! Sadly, the singers' producer was not interested in the edgier songs of Nitzsche and DeShannon leaving the artist disheartened and painfully aware that any efforts to better represent himself musically would be neutralized. Several songs were recorded using the best musicians in LA called The Wrecking Crew. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the single did not chart initiating the process of selecting the next single. His producer, Ed Kleban, left for New York, and would later write "A Choice Line," leaving the artist to work with Allen Stanton, West Coast Vice President of A&R. He had produced Doris Day, Percy Faith, Tony Bennett, and Mel Tormé. These artists were from another musical period, as was Mr. Stanton, having nothing in common with the artist, nor the new music environment. When Mr. Stanton suggested that the artist record a novelty song like "Tell Laura I Love Her," the singer decided to regroup and accept a tour of the America's Northwest offered to him by disc jockey Dick Biondi. Touring represented the opportunity to sing live and perform consistently helping the artist grow as an entertainer and vocalist. Two weeks into the tour, Mr. Biondi and the artist felt his voice was getting more powerful and richer so it was obvious his voice responded well when it was challenged on a consistent basis. On a call home, to check on his dog, he was told a friend he did some background vocals for was trying to reach him.   Artist, Musicians, Dick Biondi, Solo Singer       The Learning Curve The experiences of these three young men were varied and wrought with challenges, successes, and disappointments. The chances for all of the variables coming together that determine success are miniscule.  The learning curve in the music business often is realized after the fact so adjustments can only be made the next time around--if there is a next time! The three artists all earned an opportunity to record with a major recording label, had the best musicians to work with, and used the hottest arrangers in town.  Two had the ability to perform live which made it possible for them to earn a living while pursuing their dreams. When the work dried up, it was time to get back in the game and find a way to entice another record company to sign them. Inevitably, you learn it takes more than a recording contract to get where you want to be. You must have an influential management team with both short- and long-term goals, a publicist with muscle and cachet, and tour support in order to afford you the opportunity to get on the road.  Neither of the three entertainers had all of these prerequisites. Enlightened, but somewhat bruised, it was time to initiate a new strategy born out of resilience and talent! Coming Together The individual journeys of these three artists had led them to a house in Laurel Canyon, where unbeknownst to them, they would share a magical moment reversing their fortunes and transforming their lives. At a casual, comfortable gathering, they politely inquired about one another. A conversation involving the latest hits on the charts struck a chord with all three. They were inspired and excited to share feelings and ideas concerning production values and performances on the Billboard Hits of the day. Eventually they honed in on one tune--"You Keep Me Hanging On" written by Holland, Dozier, and Holland, who would later be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Like a scripted scene in a drama, they began singing, then unwittingly slid into harmony. Equivalent to a magical, dramatic moment in a movie, a powerful and extraordinary sonic identity was born. Like the heart and soul of a man must remain intact for him to survive physically and spiritually so these three men were now linked by their heart and soul, for they now needed each other to recreate this beautiful gift with which they had been blessed.  A new voyage was born out of trust, talent, unwavering ambition, and a special gift from God worth sharing with the world! Three Dog Night From 1968 until 1975, their voices endured on top of the charts and more importantly in the hearts of a generation.  Sadly, the blessed are at times oblivious to the wear and tear acclaim can put on the spirit, often resulting in a lack of respect for their gifts! Failure to respect the sum of something can divert your primary purpose by subtly or aggressively discounting a piece of the puzzle. Disregarding the fact you are not complete without it!  In most cases, it is not a conscious occurrence, but more of an artistic and emotional fatigue.  To be part of a perfect entity that is imperfect evokes an emotional roller coaster making one feel helpless--as if you are bipolar with no command over your life. The highs are remarkably heightened and the lows become joyless and dark. As time passed by, people changed, but some stayed the same. Beautiful wives, children, exotic cars, and homes became the reward for a job well done when in fact respect was worth just as much.  When did the magic evaporate--leaving them with a catalog of number one records, million selling singles, and albums hanging on the wall--but their respect for one another, their friendship, and their love was gone? The fans and music suffered over the years owing partly to original members departing or passing away.  Despite the departure of these irreplaceable individuals, there remain fans who have not abandoned the 4 remaining, then 3, and now 2 elements of the original group, and they also support the solo career of another former band mate.  Moreover, the commitment they exhibit to the music originally created on vinyl is admirable. Conceivably, this dedication is grounded in extraordinary childhood memories of live concerts and listening to the original band in the solitude of their room. Sincere words of love and gratitude should be accorded these special people who have made the lives of the musicians better with their tireless support! The heart and soul of the machine has passed on except for the drummer, who is well and will always be the powerful engine behind the machine; however, he is no longer in the band.  Thank you all and thank God for giving these men this magical piece of their lives they will never forget!  A life THEY will never forget! Dedicated to Jimmy Greenspoon, Cory Wells, and Joe Schermie.      Jimmy Greenspoon, B3 Organ/Keyboards      Cory Wells, Vocals      Joe Schermie, Bass SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

In Loving Memory of Cory Wells

A Letter To Cory Wells

    You might think that something that happened almost fifty years ago might be
 vague or possibly inconsequential at this moment in your life, but that is not the case with my memories of Cory Wells.

It's 1967 our first live gig at The Earl Warren Show Grounds in Santa Barbara Ca. The show began unceremoniously and awkwardly for the three lead singers. While finding our way on stage searching for a persona, an identity, to complement each other ...Cory begins to dance all over the stage engaging the audience making it very clear to me, and probably Danny, that he and I better loosen up and create some excitement on stage not only with our voices but with a physicality designed to excite.

Cory created that mind set and ultimately how Three Dog Night would present itself. We followed his lead and became the most exciting rock band in the world.

There was a calm and tolerant side of Cory that he exhibited in uncomfortable and stressful situations.

It was possibly one of the best sides of his personality along with his sense of humor.

I loved so much about you and those special things are how I choose to remember you.
Save me a seat in the choir my old friend.


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